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Unhealthy diet and lifestyle can lead to a variety of diseases. Most of the maladies responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans are entirely preventable. The nation’s leading causes of death are, in order: heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza, and pneumonia. All of these maladies can be prevented with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

What is the natural colon cleanse?

The natural colon cleanse is the best way of jumpstarting a journey to better health. It’s comprised of 6 herbal products that collectively work to cleanse and begin to undo the damage caused by years of unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Disease often begins with constipation. The accumulation of fecal matter in the colon creates an ideal environment for unfriendly bacteria and parasites. The more congested the intestines are, the more the unfriendly bacteria and parasites thrive— causing a wide variety of diseases to manifest. Parasites are living organisms that eat, live, and defecate. Their waste promotes disease and is toxic to the human body. Additionally, some parasites can literally bite through human tissue, effectively puncturing the intestinal wall and traveling to other parts of the body where they can cause further damage.

The intestinal system is one of the central pathways for elimination of waste. When it becomes overwhelmed, constipated, or damaged, it becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate toxic waste. This task is then outsourced to other channels of elimination. However, if the issues with the intestinal system become permanent through lack of treatment, the extra load puts excessive pressure on different channels of elimination, like the lymphatic and urinary systems. The natural colon cleanse effectively cleans out a significant amount of waste from the intestinal system while simultaneously cleansing and supporting other body systems.

Do I need the natural colon cleanse?

The natural colon cleanse will be of vital use to you if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:
Brittle hair
Brittle nails
Constant hunger
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Joint pain/discomfort
Lack of appetite
Low energy
Lower back pain
Low sex drive
Menstruation issues
Swollen hands or feet
Trouble focusing
Trouble sleeping
Unquenchable thirst

What makes up the natural colon cleanse?

These six products make up the natural colon cleanse:

Fiber — Natural Bowel Detox

 is also commonly referred to as fiber. Fiber is essential when cleansing, especially when trying to eliminate fecal matter from the colon. This product contains soluble fiber to encourage regular bowel movements. It gently sweeps away intestinal waste and can even help dislodge old, hardened, compacted fecal. Most Americans don’t meet their daily recommended volume of fiber. If you don’t eat raw fruits and vegetables daily, you will definitely need to take a fiber supplement. Additionally, fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Click here to order this product from Amazon.

Cascara Sagrada
 — Promotes Regular Bowel Movements

The main ingredient in this laxative herbal combination is cascara sagrada means sacred bark; it has been used by many cultures as an herbal laxative for centuries. Cascara sagrada stimulates the cells of the intestinal wall to contract. It promotes waste elimination and works well with psyllium to support the detoxification of the intestinal system. It helps cleanse toxins from the colon and provides intestinal support. This blend also contain other intestinal support herbs like senna and slippery elm for gentle elimination. Click here to order your this product from Amazon.

Black Walnut — Natural Parasite Detox

Black walnut is a single herb with multiple uses. It’s primarily used for eliminating parasites but it also supports the intestinal system, and it helps the immune system in its battle against foreign invaders. Black walnut is also beneficial to the skin and soothes irritated tissue. Click here to order your this product from Amazon.

Dandelion — Natural Whole Body Detox
Dandelion is rich in vitamins and minerals, it also supports liver function and helps balance blood sugar. This herbal flower has traditionally been used as a skin toner, blood detoxifier, digestive tonic. It’s even been used to treat infections, especially viral infections. Dandelion is specifically included in the natural colon cleanse for its detoxifying properties. Click here to order your this product from Amazon.

Milk Thistle — Natural Liver Detox
Proper liver function is essential for optimal health. Silymarin, a compound found in milk thistle extract, has been found to exert antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and has liver protective effects. In a study supported by the NCCIH and published in the Journal of Natural Products, research suggests that the compound “protects cells via processes that spurred cellular metabolism, activate stress pathways, and downregulate inflammatory signaling.” Silymarin is typically used by people with a viral liver disease, commonly known as hepatitis C. Click here to order your this product from Amazon.

 — Natural Cell Detox

This fantastic nutrient cleanses the blood at a cellular level. It promotes natural blood-cleansing functions, strengthens cells, oxygenates cells, supports the intestinal system, the immune system, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and deodorizes the body from the inside out. Click here to order your this product from Amazon.


Together, these 6 herbs will work in synergy to gently and efficiently cleanse your body, moving you closer to optimal health. If you’ve already completed the natural colon cleanse and are looking to take the next step, be sure to check out our resources page for the best books on how to achieve your best health. There, you’ll find healthy and delicious recipes and even information on how to reverse disease. These are the books everyone should read.

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