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The skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s easy to forget that the skin is an organ because it’s not treated like other organs. However, skin is certainly an organ and it’s a fascinating one. The skin is a protective barrier, constantly barring us from toxic particles and serving as a sensing mechanism at the same time. It does a lot for us day in and day out. Between face wash, body wash, moisturizers, SPF, anti-wrinkle cream, body lotion, face scrub, and every other product we slather on, it’s no wonder our skin breaks out every now and then. For some people, breakouts happen more often than for others. And then there are those that are constantly dealing with breakouts, fighting a seemingly never-ending war with their skin. Well, what if I told you that the products you’re using topically on your skin may not be the issue and that you can clear your skin up by just changing one food you’re eating? Yep, it’s that easy and you can start right this minute.

Naturally eliminate acne by getting rid of this 1 food

I’m going to cut straight to the point. If you want to naturally get rid of acne, you should stop drinking milk and milk-containing products. Now, before you click away, hear me out. These three Harvard studies found that milk, particularly skim-milk, causes acne in teenage girls as well as in teenage boys. These three studies are just a few of a myriad of papers published attesting to the same thing—milk causes acne. Now, you may be thinking that you’re not a teenager and this doesn’t apply to you but consider the following facts.

One study of 47,000 women concludes milk causes acne

In one of the studies, data from the Nurses Health Study II was examinedmilk is bad for humans to evaluate whether consuming dairy and dairy-containing foods during high school were linked to physician-diagnosed severe teenage acne. A total of 47,355 women were studied and research results found that there is a link between milk and acne. The study included whole milk, low-fat milk, skim milk, instant breakfast drink, sherbet, cream cheese, and cottage cheese. All of these products were positively associated with acne. Researchers believe the association of acne and milk is the presence of hormones and bioactive molecules naturally found in milk.

Is organic milk better?

This makes complete sense when you pause to think about it since cow’s milk is baby cow growth-juice. A mother cow’s milk is specifically designed to turn her baby from an 80-pound calf into a 1,000-pound mature cow. For this reason, her milk is laden with naturally-occurring growth hormones. Contrary to popular belief, these growth hormones are not related to hormones injected or added steroids. This is simply what milk is. So no, even milk that is organic and that of grass-fed cows is not any better for you; it’s still teeming with growth hormones.

Countless individuals have cured their acne by doing this

There are countless testimonies of people naturally curing their acne, including cystic acne, by simply eliminating dairy from their diet. One notable testimony is that of actor Woody Harrelson who’s been dairy-free (and vegan) for over 30 years now. He gave up dairy for vanity rather than for ethical reason, at first. Harrelson states,

”The first thing was dairy. I was about 24 years old and I had tons of acne and mucus. I met some random girl on a bus who told me to quit dairy and all those symptoms would go away three days later. By God she was right.”

 Harrelson is one of countless individuals that’s been able to naturally cure acne with little to no medical intervention.


t should be noted that while for many individuals, acne can clear up after eliminating dairy from their diet, there are several other causes that can contribute to acne. Some other factors may include: a toxic colon, constipation, not drinking enough water, a high-fat diet, a diet high in refined and processed foods, and the use of contraceptives. Consuming dairy, however, exacerbates these issues and is the biggest contributor to acne issues. For individuals trying to naturally eliminate acne, a diet high in mixed leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits, grain and legumes, and plenty of water is highly recommended along with ditching dairy, of course.


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