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Halloween is fun night to dress up and enjoy the company of friends. For many parents, Halloween causes a great deal of anxiety. There are so many things that can easily go wrong and turn a fun night into a tragic one. Whether you’re heading out to a Halloween party or taking the kids trick or treating, it’s always best to take preventative measures to stay safe. Most accidents can be avoided by taking some preventative care. Keeping kids safe should always be a priority but don’t forget about pets too. Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep your family and four legged friends safe.

How to check Halloween candy

Children should be instructed to not eat candy until it has been checked. Encourage kids to stick to this rule by giving them a prize, such as a small toy, when they stick to this rule. Giving kids a meal shortly before trick or treating will help curb their desire to fill up on candy while trick or treating. Check candy bags for loosely wrapped candy and toss any that are not wrapped properly. Baked goods should also be tossed unless you know who they came from. Don’t forget to check for choking hazards such as small toys that can be confused for candy such as rubber balls and erasers. Also, remember to check for treats containing peanuts or other allergy inducing ingredients. Lastly, help prevent stomach aches and cavities by swapping a portion your child’s candy for a toy or book they like.

Safe Halloween costumes

Sharp costume accessories should be flexible, soft, and short to prevent injury. Plastic swords can be filed to give them a softer edge and prevent injury. Consider making pointed costume accessories, instead of purchasing hard plastic or metal ones. Use cardboard or foam and paint them with a non-toxic metallic paint or wrap them in aluminum foil to give them a metallic look. Reflective tape is a great investment. Fasten it to costumes, shoes, or bags to help drivers see you when visibility is low. Makeup can cause irritation, rashes, and allergies. Before applying makeup, test it on a small patch of skin. Remove it as soon as you get home to prevent irritation. If possible, look for vegetable-based paint for kids makeup, some of these paints are even safe to eat, though it is not encouraged. Masks can obstruct vision, which can lead to injury, instead opt for face makeup and paint on a fun design.

Halloween pet safety

Chocolate is a big Halloween favorite and it’s toxic to dogs. Raisins and macadamia nuts are also toxic to dogs so make sure to keep your candy bowl out of your dog’s reach. Throw away any wrappers as soon as you eat the chocolate and clean up any crumbs immediately. Pet costumes are cute but your pet may not want to go trick or treating. Consider keeping your dog at home as scary costumes, noises, and flickering lights, may frighten your dog. If you’re handing out candy at home, keep your dog away from the front door. A child proof gate is a great way to section off an entry way but still be able to see your pet. Pet costumes can also be a safety hazard. A curious dog can tear away parts of a costume and choke or accidentally strangle itself with straps while attempting to remove the costume. For this reason, it’s best to not leave pets unattended when they’re in costume.

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